covid-19 support and resources for makers, creatives and small business owners

Practical Resources & Support for Makers & Creatives During the Coronavirus Crisis

If it feels like you’ve been hit by a Covid Train hauling 19 carriages of Constant Obstacles, you’re not alone. These last few weeks have been a sequence of s@#!storms not even Jane Bunn could have forecast, but here…

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meet the maker high tees celebrity t-shirts

Meet the Maker: Jess McDonald From High Tees Celebrity T-Shirts

Hi Jess, tell us a little about High Tees… High Tees is a t-shirt brand. I hand draw graphic portraits of some of Australia’s most iconic personalities and then print them on 100% organic cotton adult t-shirts and baby…

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adela shen from bitsy the make it collective handmade pom poms

Meet the Maker: Adela From Bitsy Handmade Poms Poms & Accessories

Hi Adela, tell us a little about Bitsy… I started Bitsy as an online shop selling button badges in 2014; my first year of university. Since then, Bitsy has evolved into selling handmade accessories, specialising in fluffy pom pom…

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pinterest for handmade businesses

Pinterest for Handmade Businesses: Getting Setup & Selling Stuff

So you’ve been fluffing around on Pinterest for a while now with recipes and inspiring quotes, but still have no idea how to use Pinterest for handmade businesses. Or maybe you’re just getting started with Instagram, and the thought…

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meet the maker eva in stitches feature image

Meet the Maker: EVA in Stitches

Hi Eva, tell us about EVA in stitches… EVA in stitches designs and makes household items and personal accessories using beautiful fabric sourced locally and overseas. The range includes zip purses, tote bags, sunglass cases, scarves, bunting and other…

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Instagram for Handmade Brands: Getting Your Business Setup & Discovered

Unless you’re selling Handmade Air, your brand really should have an Instagram presence. With 8.8 million active monthly users in Australia alone as of January, it’s a gigantic piece of Customer Pie to leave in the Marketing Oven – 36% of the…

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Meet the Maker: Little Legends Wearable Art

Hi Holly, give us the low-down on Little Legends… I’m the maker/creator of Little Legends novelty pop culture earrings inspired by film, TV, music, art, literature and iconic products. All my earrings are hand-drawn, oven-baked and made of lightweight shrink…

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reusable shopping bags plastic ban

39 Chic Reusable Shopping Bags to Embrace Supermarket Plastic Bans

If you’ve been suffering from an acute case of Bag Rage since Coles’ and Woolworths’ plastic bag bans were implemented, we’ve got some good news for Australians like you using 10 million plastic bags a day… There are more…

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Meet the Maker: Beetroot Blankets

Hi Kate, tell us a little about Beetroot Blankets… Beetroot Blankets links my love of gardening with my zeal for creating beautiful blankets and bibs. The seasonal, changing colours and textures of flowers and foliage, fruit and vegetables…

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writing market applications

Tips For Writing a Winning Handmade Market Application

Applying for market stalls these days means more than just ticking a few boxes and beating the submission deadline. You’ll need a little more elbow grease to compete for limited sites in popular markets where the stakes are high, and the applications are polished….

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