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Handmade Candles & Diffusers

Looking for the perfect gift or simply want to treat yourself to a refreshing new scent at home? We have all the handcrafted candles you need!

Choose the perfect scent for any occasion with our range of handmade candles and diffusers. From the sweet scent of coconut, lime and elderflower to the more flamboyant Blue Mountain. You can choose the aroma that’ll match the personality of the person who'll be using it or the location where it’ll be used.

Our range of handmade soy candles are more than just great for lighting; they’re beautiful ornaments in themselves. They don't emit the thick smoke that you get with paraffin-based candles either. So these natural candles won't affect your air quality. And if you're looking to buy the perfect gift for your vegan loved ones, our scented soy candles are ideal.

By buying our handmade candles or diffusers you’re supporting a local Aussie maker. All of the candles and diffusers listed below have been handmade and hand-poured in Australia.

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Choose from our range of handmade diffusers that can be used again and again. Or our unique scented candles that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Our Candle Makers

Behind every handmade candle and diffuser in our marketplace is a passionate Aussie Maker. Each maker has put their love and hard work into creating thoughtful scented candles. They source all their ingredients from sustainable supply chains.

For some of our makers creating handmade candles is their full-time job. For others, it's just a hobby. So you can be sure that every time you buy a candle or diffuser our maker is doing a little happy dance.

Why buy from The Make It Collective?

We’re your go-to marketplace for locally sourced, organic and sustainable handmade Australian products. We feature some of the best emerging & established handmade Australian brands.

When buying online with us you can be certain that the handmade product you choose is an original and hasn’t been mass-produced. We’re all about connecting handmade lovers like you with talented Aussie makers.

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