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July Social Media Calendar

Events for creating social media posts, timely offers & themed email marketing that celebrate your unique handmade gifts

July – the month of Plastic Free July, World Watercolor Month, Picnic Month, Ice Cream Month & Dry July

Passion Fund Grant

The Passion Fund is a global grant program designed to give creators, business owners, activists, or anyone with a big dream, a cash boost to help them turn their passion into a living. To apply, tell the judges everything about your passion project in a 60 second video or audio pitch… but hurry – applications close July 7!

Victorian Craft Awards

The Victorian Craft Awards welcome applications of individual works and installations utilising craft skills, processes and materials, and are open to emerging, mid-career and established craftspeople from across Victoria. A panel of art sector professionals will select up to 50 finalists to be exhibited in the Victorian Craft Awards exhibition in Melbourne from 18 September to 13 November 2021. Applications close Sunday 18 July 2021View prizes and apply.

How to Auto-Align Elements with Canva’s Tidy Up Tool

If you’ve been trying to align elements in Canva by sight, your mind is about to be BLOWN ? Check out the Tidy Up Tool preview below and discover a fool-proof way to automagically align and evenly space elements in your Canva creations. *If right click doesn’t bring up the Tidy Tool, you can also find it under “Position” in the menu at the top – just click the three dots for more options.

Canva is an easy to use online design platform that allows even the most technically challenged to create beautiful social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, logos and other visual content using design templates. Start creating with the free version!

Maker Meme of the Month

How to Optimise Your Newsletter Sign Up Form

If you’ve got a newsletter sign up form on your website collecting dust, it’s time to change things up! The key is to provide value up front and clearly articulate what subscribers get from being on your email list. Try these tips for luring more newsletter subscribers…

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

“Subscribe to my newsletter and get…

– 10% OFF Your First Purchase!
– FREE Delivery on Your First Purchase
– $5 OFF Your First Order
– FREE Gift Wrapping On Your First Purchase

Or make a REALLY bold offer, and add T&Cs to the fine print to make it worth your while…

Psychological Tip For Increasing Sales

People like to feel ‘in the know‘ and belong to a bigger group that affirms their actions and buying behaviour. Applying “Best Seller” and “Most Popular” badges to product images or titles can make buyers feel like they’re part of a larger crowd and may help increase conversion. As marketer & creative Janel says, seeing the badge helps shortcut buyers’ decision making.

Princess Clay Studs by alittlecoy
Art Deco Drops by alittlecoy

Optimise Your Marketplace Listing

If you have an online shop in a Handmade Marketplace, add keyword-rich titles and descriptions to your products so they appear as high as possible in search results. Replace words like ‘products‘ and ‘jewellery‘ with more specific terms like ‘handmade earrings‘, and include exactly what your product is in the title.

For example…

Medium Circular Hoops” …BECOME… “Medium Circular Hoop Earrings
Pink Ice Cream Studs – Polymer Clay by Kate & Rose” …BECOME… “Pink Ice Cream Studs – Polymer Clay Earrings by Kate & Rose”
Black + White Boob Dangles” ..BECOME… “Black + White Boob Dangle Earrings

Think about all the possible terms customers might search to find products like yours and include these in your titles and descriptions in the most natural and logical way possible. This ensures your products appear early in search listings and show up under as many search queries as possible – both in the Marketplace and on Google.

Quote of the Month

If there’s one thing you do today… 

Download the PhotoRoom App and create some funky new product images! In less than a minute using the free version, you can whip up 10 new product images to use across your social media and email marketing. Remove photo backgrounds in seconds and choose from ready to go, easy to use templates. To remove the PhotoRoom logo and unlock even more features, take advantage of the 3-day free Pro trial. Pro membership is available for $14.49USD p/mth or $54.99USD p/year.

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